Barbados enjoys a positive image in the marketplace as a reputable International Business Centre of choice and has been successfully attracting Foreign Direct Investment for decades, particularly from Canada and the USA. The country is the third leading destination for Canadian direct investment abroad, garnering Cdn$51.7 billion of direct investment from Canada at the end of 2010. Professor Walid Hejazi has indicated that “…the OECD is satisfied that Canadian direct investment abroad that goes to or through Barbados…complies with OECD standards for transparency and exchange of information – standards which Barbados expects of all corporations active in its jurisdiction. Conduits like Barbados allow Canadian firms in those industries which drive the global economy to maintain their competitiveness in the global economy.” (Hejazi, W. 2007)

Companies looking to thrive in a highly competitive global marketplace invest in Barbados, to capitalize on the business-friendly environment, strong human capital, high-quality infrastructure, tax advantages, investment protection, and good quality of life.