Barbados’ Town and Country Planning Approval

Posted by PURE in News | May 15, 2011
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After three years and hundreds of architectural drawings later, the Pure Beach Project has finally won the approval of the department responsible for land development in Barbados, the Town and Country Development Planning Office.

The process to approval took much longer than the Pure Team had initially anticipated. However we understood what was at stake and stuck to the task at hand to make sure we met the criteria set by Town and Country.

Why was the process this long?

Pure investors are privileged to be building on what is one of the last totally unspoiled and undeveloped beach front property in Barbados. Set also on a magnificent bluff, the property gives an unobstructed breathtaking view across the Atlantic Ocean. Beaches and cliffs are carefully protected by the Town and Country Department and the Coastal Zone Management Unit as important features of the Barbadian heritage.

With our approval our stakeholders can now feel confident that they have invested in a project that has passed the test of one of the most rigorous Caribbean development authorities.

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